Awimaweh Resort

Awimaweh Resort. At the foundation of time, when all the earth was still in chaos, the molten rocks of Awimaweh called out to Modimo for relief. Reaching down from the heavens He touched the land causing it to imme-diately cool and transform into an Eden of luscious plains and serene lakes surrounded by majestic mountains. Beneath the ground all that which had been formless crystallized into a myriad of diamonds, precious stone and a cradle of granite that would secure this paradise in its place for all eternity. From that first morning to this day a mist that gently caresses the land draws the power of Modimo’s first touch from the soil and releases it to purify and stir all who visit Awimaweh. It was the Lion who was the first to discover the power of Awimaweh. By making the plains his home he grew in such strength and wisdom that the animals had no choice but to proclaim him king. But the king himself would not allow the tranquillity of Awimaweh to be disturbed, choosing rather to hunt in the surrounding hills and mountains, the plains became a sanctuary of peace where the zebra, antelope and wildebeest could roam.

Cancellation Terms

50% deposit refund for cancellation longer than a month before a booking. 25% refund longer than two weeks before a booking. No refund shorter than two weeks before a booking.